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So many reasons to visit Italy - a lush balcony in ancient Perugia

Umbria & Tuscany Tour

9 - 23 October 2011  (15 days/14 nights)


The In-depth Experience, and something else besides...

Spend two full weeks immersed in a range of rural landscapes so varied you never imagined possible within so small a region, and even get to see some places not featured in either of the other two tours.

Saturday 15th October is the day when those participating in the Umbria Tour transfer to Rome in preparation for their departure the day after. This is also the day when those following the Tuscany Tour will transfer to San Giovanni d'Asso from Rome, having arrived the day before. By combining Umbria and Tuscany into a single tour, you will instead spend the day visiting Perugia, the capital of Umbria, while making the gentle transition into Tuscany.

Home of the world-famous Bacio Perugino chocolate, Perugia is also a major centre for foreigners who flock to its Università per Stranieri di Perugia to study the Italian language, and in so doing sustains an exciting urban culture of bars, restaurants, clubs and other youth-oriented activities in this city of very ancient origins. But much more than this, there is something very special about spending the 15th of October in Perugia:


If you didn't already know, Eurochocolate is the most important chocolate festival in Italy, and our tours fall right in the middle of this! So finish off your week of rustic foods and traditional wines with the ultimate indulgence of chocolate before embarking on an exploration of ancient cultures in Tuscany. You would be hardpressed to think of a better counterpoint to all this!

Special combination price Umbria+Tuscany Tour

S$5,960 (twin-share)

Until 31 Aug 2011

Please download the brochures of A Taste of Umbria and Hidden Tuscany if you would like more information on the individual tours.

Photographs: © Huang Eu Chai; © Eurochocolate

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Under Perugia

Mysterious buried town under Perugia

Palazzo dei Priori

Great civic architecture

Eurochocolate 2011

... and breathtaking chocolates. Literally.

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