The following are sincere testimonials from a selection of our many happy clients over the years, all submitted voluntarily by real paying customers who have followed our tours or have had their holidays arranged by Ergo: Travel. As a principle we do not solicit any collaboration with influencers nor do we pay for fabricated positive reviews.

We plonked ourselves in Italy right smack in the middle of a heat wave in Jul/Aug but thanks to you, we managed to keep our cool! Fantastic accommodations, the walking tours were superb and our driver for the first half of the holiday was patient, friendly and informative. Your 'good-to-go' kit provided us with everything we needed from train tickets to food recommendations. Glad Ergo: Travel suggested staying a few nights in Assisi, and I don't think many people would have had the chance to visit places like Civita di Bagnoregio (which was amazing by the way). Eu Chai's personal touch made it feel like our trip was arranged by old friend rather than a business-like agency. Thanks!

Ms. Veronica Scully
July 2013

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

We went on the gourmand tour in the Piedmont and found another wonderful Italy. Fabulous little restaurants with great food, some in out-of-the-way places with stupendous views… beautiful locations and scenery… friendly and knowledgable local guides who wanted to answer questions. Ergo: Travel arranges tours to get you immersed in the history, beauty and fabulous food and wine that Italy offers! Great way to experience Italy and definitely worth repeating.

Dr. Michael Kelly
Piedmont & the Salone del Gusto Tour, Oct 2012

Sunday, 23 Jul 2017

Thank you from all of us for a most enjoyable and well-organized trip. I enjoyed the first part to the Lakes, the Salone del Gusto, Turin etc. I like Turin and hope to visit again.

Ms. Nithia Devan
Piedmont & the Salone del Gusto Tour, Oct 2012

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

The whole trip was excellent. We had a very good experience and were very well looked after. Simone met us and was delightful company, being very informative... . So thank you for organising everything so well. We really enjoyed the whole trip and it made it a birthday to remember.

Mrs. Kathryn Baron
June 2012

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

Wonderful trip to Cinque Terre, thanks to Ergo: Travel for organising the trip!

Dr. Goh P.K.
December 2016

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

We had a wonderful time in the lovely village of Cortina d'Ampezzo up in the Dolomites mountains of Italy. Enjoyed the beautiful golden sunrise, the snow-capped mountains and crisp mountain air. We even managed a short trek at the Lavaredo Pass which gave us a close up to the awesome Dolomites! Many thanks to Eu Chai and Ergo: Travel for making arrangements for the travel and accommodation.

Ms. Alice Tan
October 2016

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

I enjoyed joining your tour to Italy, and it was an exciting one. Your choice of most interesting archeological, historical and natural marvels made this tour very interesting. Each day brought a new surprise. The natural beauty of the coastline pleased my eyes as well as my soul. The restaurants have been carefully chosen had the most delicious Italian dishes.
Wishing to join another trip to Italy by Ergo Tour in future, I send my thanks and best regards.

Ms. İnci İnanç
Naples and the Amalfi Coast Tour, April 2016.

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

Yes, the family had a wonderful vacation. We were so overwhelmed with the richness of the art, architecture, and culture of Italy and will certainly recommend to our friends and relatives to visit Italy.
As for the arrangements made by Ergo, we must thank you for providing us with very knowledgeable and hospitable guides. Licio, our chauffeur, was very helpful and very accommodating with our requests and wishes. He took extra effort to allow us plenty of time to appreciate the places we visited. The hotels that we were staying were also cosy and very convenient, next to the train stations.
On the whole, we had a good time and like to thank Ergo for making all the arrangements for us.

Mr. J. Chua and family
July 2014

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

Ergo: Travel has proven itself to be a reliable and customer-centric agency. Eu Chai had first sought to understand what our preferences were before planning the comprehensive and easy to understand itinerary. We had a memorable and incredible trip to Italy for our 30th wedding anniversary thanks to his attentive and meticulous planning.

Alan & Diana
May 2016

Saturday, 10 Mar 2018

We had a lovely time in Italy. Till today, the children continue to speak fondly of our tour mates and longingly of the places we had visited. Thanks for making this trip possible.

Ms. Joyce Teo
Magnificent Italy Tour, Nov-Dec 2010

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

A very enjoyable and well paced customized trip arranged by Ergo Travel. All the local guides assigned to us were awesome! Especially our chauffeur cum guide in Tuscany, Licio Comisso, who drove us safely from place to place and brought us to some very amazing restaurants! Thank you Licio for taking such good care of us. Of course, not forgetting Manuel Scarpa & Alvise of Abbazia Venice Hotel, you guys saved the day, a big thank you to you too. Thank you everyone and well done Ergo! We can't wait to go back again.

Magdalene and Anthony
April 2016

Saturday, 10 Feb 2018

I am missing the Amalfi Coast already and having espresso withdrawals at 3 in the afternoon...
You did a fantastic job organising and coordinating our trip! We were also fortunate to visit places and eat at restaurants that haven't given themselves up to mass tourism! Wonderful experiences all round... the hotels were GREAT!

Ms. Caroline Chow
Naples & the Amalfi Coast Tour, Apr-May 2014

Monday, 01 Jan 2018

This is the most awesome trip I've been on. Will be looking to go others parts of Italy with Ergo: Travel again!

Mr. Chia Han Sin & Family
Magnificent Italy Tour, Nov-Dec 2015.

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

The Italian guides were excellent, transport arrangements were smooth and went like clockwork, food was very good. so yes, we had an excellent time! Thank you for all the planning. Notes, especially, were extremely useful.

Ms. Anita Fam
June 2013

Sunday, 23 Jul 2017

Ergo Travel was highly recommended to us by a friend when my family and I decided to go to Italy in December 2010. The services were prompt, detailed and professional and most of their recommendations, tried and tested, were excellent in more ways than one. Imagine how many of us could stay in an old monastery converted hotel tucked away from the main street but yet accessible by foot from the train station within 5 minutes? We just did and the experience was memorable! The inland tours were great... even my eight-year old daughter could understand and enjoy the tours and though dead beat with jetlag, she craved for more in every city that we visited.

...by far one of our best holidays and we owe all this to Eu Chai, the Italy Expert, so, thanks Eu Chai and a big thumbs up to you!

Josephine & family

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

The hotels we stayed in were excellent - very good choices. Look forward to meeting up in December. Cheers.

Mr. Fred Quek

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

Great trip, very fulfilling. Thanks for taking us around!

Mr. Daniel Wong
November 2009

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

Excellent... We had a really wonderful time and, without doubt, this was due to the rigorous staff work that went on "behind the scenes". For sure, the success of our vacation in Italy was the result of detailed thinking, planning and conscientious care and oversight by Ergo: Travel. So, a very heartfelt "Thank You" to you and all at Ergo: Travel. My wife and I look forward to visiting Italy again very soon and we will certainly depend on Ergo: Travel for another memorable experience..

Mr. Wesley d'Aranjo

Monday, 24 Jul 2017

Thanks for all the arrangement - my husband and I enjoyed our holiday in the Amalfi Coast and Naples 🙂 I'm busy preparing for my next trip to London for a week followed by Barcelona. Maybe we can catch up for another cuppa after my return?

Mdm. Wang Cheng Foon

Monday, 24 Jul 2017