Where to go? And what to do?

Cascata delle Marmore.

Here are some suggestions on where you could visit and what you can do, from the simplest package of classic destinations to secret sites and places off-the-beaten-track, to luxurious indulgence. Choose one, or combine them as your fantasy takes you. These are just ideas so you can always get us to customise them as you prefer.

Classic Italy, just for you
If this is your first time to Italy and you want to have a proper introduction to this country without rushing through everything, then this basic combination of the classic destinations is what you're looking for. Rome, Florence and Venice make up the three fundamental cities that end up on every first-timer's list, with Milan providing the modern contrast and convenient conclusion to the trip. Take this as the starting point and build up a more elaborate trip with our help!

Or how about revisiting a town in a way you have never seen before?
Every major town in Italy holds many surprises just waiting to be discovered, from underground ruins of an ancient civilisation to ultra-modern museums to artisans hidden in secret back alleys only locals know about. We have had clients who have asked us about staying 10 days in Venice alone, and with very good reason.

Here is just one example for you. Ask us about the others!

And what about a self-drive holiday?
With a population density of just over 200 persons per square kilometre, Italy has plenty to see and do beyond the towns and cities, and the best way to do this is by car. Driving around on your own affords the luxury of stopping anywhere and anytime you feel like it (unless it's illegal to do so, of course!) and it allows you to go to places where the train can never take you.

Puglia is but one possibility. Have a look and see how much there is!

In Search of Food and Wine
How could anyone think of Italy without thinking about Italian food? But take it from us, there is so much more than what you can possibly imagine, with vastly different regional traditions and a variety that will astound you. That's why we can promise that we never repeat any dish during our meals throughout the entire 15 nights of the Magnificent Italy Tour!

Just have a look at this one example and see for yourself!

More suggestions coming soon!